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The Bright Solution

SMARTBLINDS are translucent privacy screens with a decorative motif
on one side that effectively camouflage interiors. The static cling plastic allows those in high traffic areas to keep their windows wide open to the light, while protecting their privacy.

City dwellers too often have to draw their blinds or pull the shades to avoid the sight of a brick wall - or to keep from looking right into another apartment. SMARTBLINDS are an easily affordable way to keep the windows open and the light streaming in.

Even when the issue is not privacy, the blinds are a stunning way of adding beauty to any décor, as daylight makes the images come alive. They are also a particularly attractive way to modify skylights. And we will soon introduce lovely borders for those who want to decorate a window without obscuring the view.

High-resolution images from The John Brooks Dodge Collections are printed directly onto the premium quality plastic that adheres directly to glass using static electricity. The blinds are easily trimmed and, while we offer a wide selection of designs and sizes, any image in The Collections can be used for a custom-made solution. And they will maintain their brilliance and cling for years to come. So what are you waiting for?




One page of standard blinds and choice of nine breathtaking images can be accessed by clicking the SMARTBLINDS link on the navigation bar. Meanwhile, please browse the site. Any image can be used for this purpose, although some are more suited to it than others. Bear in mind that those with a design from border to border will be the most effective for privacy. The price of a standard 24" x 30" blind is $64.95 including shipping.

Each of the images includes a border that enhances the image and will allow for trimming as needed when a slight adjustment is required before applying.

The nine standard images will change from time to time. Concentrating interest in a small selection allows us to keep the printing costs down. But, any image can be customized for an additional $25.00. This includes changing the size of a blind or the color or width of a border.

Until we have a shopping cart in place, please call 212-923-2787 to place an order. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Expedited handling is available.

We have a brochure/catalog in the works, but since The Collections and SMARTBLINDS in particular will be added to regularly, checking the site from time to time will be the best way to appreciate what we have to offer.

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